Today I had a Birthday



Well, today I had a birthday

My daughter who doesn’t live with me

called and sang Happy Birthday to me

My husband did not have a gift for me this year

Because I told him I didn’t want a thing, I wanted an experience

He cooked breakfast and shared it in a plate.


I went to church today

I chatted with the children in Sabbath School for a while

Before they started fidgeting

I was just chiding them for chatting so much when

my assistant leaders came and told the children about my birthday and they all sang Happy Birthday  to me

Then I led the church building song and people came up and put money in the bowls the children wearing months of the year crowns

I enjoyed the sermon too

The elder spoke about “I want it back’, the story of the floating ax.

He’s usually long. but today he wasn’t.


I went to my husband’s friend’s home 

We carried a friend, a sis

We chatted and laughed about memories, at least they did

I was mindful that it was idle jesting on the Sabbath

But I laughed anyhow

I went back to a meeting at church with my assistant 

Where we discussed Children’s Day programme next week.

I warned the children who would sit on the choir loft of dire consequences if they disrupted the service

My toes were killing me in my new black shoes

So I went and sat inside the church.

Youth service was a Bible quiz competition on the book of Joel.

My side won.


Then my friend drove me home.

I had a beef sandwich, a mango and crackers

A friend from the past, a teacher called to wish me Happy Birthday. Was nice.

I went on Facebook to see who had remembered.

Not many. Two greetings, one from my sister.

One from LinkedIn

Didn’t hear from my mother

Poor thing must have forgotten again. She’s old, you see


Another year, another chapter

Life. Mundane life

Not a happy birthday

Wanted something more

Worries push their way through 

Impending job loss, week ahead,

Unresolved differences

Wanted something more. 

The ever elusive something


The ever elusive something



3 thoughts on “Today I had a Birthday

  1. I would love to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, Karen, but it sounds so cliche’ so I’ll just wish you sweet blessings. I pray they rain down on you every single day…always.


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