Inside the mind of a victim of domestic violence

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I recently read a post by someone who said they had never been a victim of domestic violence. They however wanted to know what went on in the mind of a victim. So they decided to put themselves in a “victims shoes”. Frist let me say, this can’t be done. If you have never been a victim, you have no real idea of all that goes on in the head of someone who has. You have no idea of the turmoil, fear, and helplessness that a victim feels. While it is admirable to want to empathize and your empathy is welcome, you can’t just “take a walk in their shoes”.
So, let me tell you what goes on in the mind of a victim of domestic violence or in the mind of someone who is seeing the violence happen.
Fear. The waiting, the knowing that even if things are quiet…

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2 thoughts on “Inside the mind of a victim of domestic violence

  1. This is so true, and accurately written for victims if rape and abuse. It is impossible to imagine what goes on. Writing only captivates ones imagination. Good post, I enjoyed reading this, though enjoy is not the right word, I hope you understand. Domestic violence is not an enjoyment. I should really say your post highlights the pain and turmoil, victims face, then again we are not victims. WE ARE survivors. Thank you….


    • I agree, Beverly. I can’t take credit for this wonderful post though. It is a reblogged article. You can click the link to follow the blogger who wrote this enigmatic and honest post. She is a survivor, and had some really painful encounters with abuse. I admire her courage in tell her story so openly.


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