Today, I want to Start a Fight With You

Today I feel like

I want to start a fight with you

A new flight without you


thathasbeensettingonmyheartforfartoolong (SIGH!)

Today, I want to be a rock star

Cut my hair

Put on my war paint

Pick out my arrows

Drag on my leathers over my plump behind

Throw my tent over my back

Jump on a bike and

go sailing down

the highway

never stopping

until I glimpse

a golden sunset

and a deserted white-sandy beach

and friendly waves to love my feet

a gentle wind to rove caressing fingers through my hair

and horizons that appear close enough to touch


I want the song in the wind to

clean every rage-pussed crevice in my heart

I want to know forgiveness

And happiness

Be carefree again

Unhinge mind chains

Put a hibiscus behind my ear

Feel butterfly wings in my chest

Revel in memories of youth’s first love

Restore my joy

Secure my redemption from my Saviour


Today, I don’t want to be tired anymore

I want  my steps to be light

and my smile to be bright

As I walk away

From you

Today, I want to start a fight within

Love me more than you

Slap myself silly for throwing my pearls to a swine

Vowing to take back the Passion, Purpose and Prosperity that you stole from me

Today, I will start a fight and trump

your narcissistic heart

this impeachable marriage;





My life



So After Today

I won’t feel like starting a fight




                    Postscript: Inspired by Pink!! Hit it!


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