Note to ole Pirate site, Bug Off


Today is my Call Out Parasites and Pirates Day. You have been selected because you have entered or followed my blog and taken my blog posts. I am not happy with you.

I notice that you are aggregating my posts on your site. You have no authorisation to do so. Because of your actions, I have been discouraged from writing. Your actions are illegitimate and I hope I’ll see this on my ‘autor’ page so that your readers know you are a pirate.

I was on a roll and you have spoiled my writing fun and curtailed my desire to write. For the rest of the week, I will be sending you posts you are worthy of. Prepare for an avalanche. Your readers are going to love it. Do me a favour and bug off!

And while you are pulling my writing and all links to this site and taking my name off your page, would you learn to spell ‘autor’ and ‘transporte’? It’s ‘author’ with an ‘h’ and ‘transport’ without an ‘e’.

And how comes you have no contact details? You are a scurrilous insect that needs to pay for your content and leave bloggers just trying to get a foot in the door to write to their hearts’ content.

Have a nice day, you modern day pirate. You have spoiled mine for many days now.

Just free up I and I tings. Don’t get I and I really mad. I’m Jamaican!! Watch me and yuh.


9 thoughts on “Note to ole Pirate site, Bug Off

    • Talk about offputting! I have lost all interest in writing on that blog since it happened. That’s how disheartening it is to me. The forum manager at WordPress was saying there was not much that could be done, since the site has no contact info or Webmaster to be contacted, understandably since they are old thieves. I read an article on content scraping/aggregating as it’s called which describes some things that could be done going forward. I’ll see if I can find it and share it with you. I’m sorry this happened to you too. Seems that there was a hacker among us who followed just to scrape our content.

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      • I had googled my site ‘Rosegardens and Thorns’ one day, and found the site I mentioned in the post. If you click on the link after the word ‘Dear …..(link) in the post, you’ll see what I am talking about. It seems to be an aggregating site. They aggregate your posts on a page but the links come back to your site. I don’t know the purpose of the site if they’re using it to sell google ad cents or what. There are a few ads on there, and no sign of web master or owner contact details. Very discouraging, I can tell you. I got some ideas as to how to deal with it but I haven’t got around to trying them yet, and all suggest they might be useless in extracting any justice anyway.


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