Teary Tuesday: Grief and Joy — You will Cry Too When You see these Images

Today is a teary Tuesday for me.

I cried because I can’t understand the ugliness in the world. (Be prepared. This is very graphic.)

Publisher Credit: Sudhir Byaruhanga

smiley sad

Words desert me.

These images will stay with me for a long time.

A little Kindness

I cried because there is still kindness left in this world.

Publisher Credit: Break.com

happy tear smile

There is still beauty in this world.

Now I’m crying for a child, next I’m laughing for a deserving mother.

But deep down, both have pulled my heart strings.

It’s a teary Tuesday.

Tears of grief; tears of joy.

smiley sad teary tuesday

Post script: Latest reports are that the child is recovering in hospital. Thank God for angels. One must have been watching. Parents, start watching what happens in your house. Don’t let any more monsters in. Invest in a nanny cam, Spend time and carefully screen your babysitters. Let’s protect our children.

Try a little Kindness Today. Watch more #PrankitFWD and help Break.com raise money for charity: http://www.break.com/prankitfwd

I leave you with this classic old song from Glen Campbell.

Less tears. More Joy. Walk good, my friends.


Rose for Your Thoughts . . .

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