Blogging for a Better New Year

blog new year   blogging for a new year

Happy New Year Bloggers.

I don’t make New Year resolutions. I feel too guilty when I renege on them, so I will make it a prayer today.

Lord help me live my life and blog more fearlessly in 2015.

Now that is out of the way, I need your help to  evaluate my blog.

Did you ever suffer from confidence issues about your writing or your blog? How did you overcome or tackle these?

It’s said that the blogging life of new bloggers is very short and a great number of new blogs fail within the first three years. As comments trickle in and long gaps emerge between posts when I receive no notifications, I too have faced the spectre of my own demise. Lately I’ve been asking myself whether it’s worth continuing this blog. I have even begun to doubt my ability to write. I scrutinise the blog to see it with my readers’ eyes, but there will be always a blindspot that you can’t see past in your own work.

I have read the blogging pundits and taken WordPress classes and tried to apply the guidelines. In and out of WordPress forums, I have spent time supporting other bloggers in the community by reading and commenting, yet it is all too easy to feel alienated. I don’t feel a part of a writing community sometimes. My readership is not growing as I would like, and my comment boxes remain predominantly empty.

I also hear ‘guest post, guest post’ as the way to build readership, but I panic at the thought of writing on someone else’s blog.

I know there are several areas in which I need to improve. I am not certain if it’s my subject, my writing,  or whether the problem is that I need to focus and tweak my niche or target audience. I know I am not very consistent. I don’t follow a blogging schedule or all too often do not stick to my promises to write what I say I will write. I sometimes don’t take enough time to proofread and let the post sit for a day or two before publishing, so some errors escape. I let posts sit in drafts forever instead of cleaning or completing them so can be pressed.

I’d like to make an effort to find all the holes in my blog as I step into the new year. So if you can find some time, could you answer these questions for me?

1.  What do you like about my blog? What was your favourite post?

2. What do you think I should improve or change to win over new or win back my readers?

2. If you were running my blog, how would you make it pop?

3. What makes you connect with a blog?

4. What more can I do to connect with my readers?

5. I’ve tried all the marketing tactics for getting more comments on my posts. Still it doesn’t generate the feedback I expect. What tips that work for you could you share with me?

6. Does it really have to take years as the blogging pundits say to build a blog from scratch?

Thank  you for your constructive feedback. Happy Blogging in 2015!


6 thoughts on “Blogging for a Better New Year

  1. I remember that we first met in blogging 101 – a helpful class in many ways, but the purpose of wordpress, like any other business, is to make money – “brand,” “market,” “sell your blog.” I realized that the course was helpful in many practical ways, but the underlying philosophy didn’t fit with my purpose for blogging. My suggestion is to take the time to really figure out why YOU want to blog.

    You have a lovely blog, Karen. The only thoughts I have are not to worry about readers. Focus on sharing from your heart, sharing things that will help make others’ lives better in some way, and be patient. Those who resonate with the message you share will come in their own time.


  2. Hello My Friend, I wish I could be as encouraging to you as you have been to me. I wish I had all the answers to your questions, but I really don’t. I’ve been blogging barely 16 months and I have so few followers that I don’t feel qualified to give you any advice at all. Like you, I read other blogs and I’ve commented on other blogger’s posts. Sometimes I get a reply, sometimes I don’t. Most of the blogs I like have thousands of followers but I noticed those bloggers follow very few of those following them. How can they possibly keep up with all the comments they get? I decided when I started blogging that I would let God guide me. I may be a DIY-er, but I don’t want to write about DIY projects. I’ve very creative and I may like crafts, but I don’t want to write about crafts. I may like to eat healthy and I’m always looking for new recipes, but I don’t want to write about cooking. These seem to be the kind of blogs most people are interested in. So, I decided that I would write the way God created me to write and I would write what He puts on my heart. If He sees fit one day to enlarge my territory–my reader base–then I will be most grateful, but until then I quit comparing myself to other bloggers and quit wondering “what’s wrong with me?!” Having said all this, I’d like to just tell you that if God has called you to write and you have the passion within you to write then don’t give up!!! God has put that passion there for a reason and He has given you a writer’s heart. Write for the pure joy of it!! Write for Him!! Write for readers like me who thank you for being honest and transparent and inspirational!! There are people out there, Ms. Karen, who need to hear what you have to say. They just haven’t found you, yet :). Keep writing, my friend. The readers will come.

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  3. I haven’t really been blogging long myself, so I don’t feel very qualified to answer many of your questions. But I do wish you luck. 🙂


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