Have a Courageous Day

Sometime we wish others a good day, a wonderful day, a fantastic day.

I don’t frequently hear or wish others a courageous day.

But every now and then that’s the kind of day we need.

Especially when it has taken everything to roll out of bed and you just feel like sitting in a huddle, wishing not to face the world today

When your nerves are bundled in knots, tears are clogging your throat, you have nothing left to say but your soul is screaming and your hands are shaking

The sun is out but inside a bitter blizzard is brewing.

You need a brighter day

Only God can give you courage

From his infinite resources.

He can empower you with strength.

When faced with mind numbing, courage sapping situations, I often find consolation in music. If what you need right now is just an ounce of courage, here are three songs I use to get some  inspiration when I am depressed. If you too are having just that kind of day, let me share these three songs to help you press on through this tunnel.

Those who have overcome say there is indeed a light ahead.

1. To Find My Strength by Natalie Grant

2. His strength is perfect when your strength is gone – Cece Winans

2 Kings 6:16:  “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

When your strength is gone

You may need to let go and let God.

Lean on Him. Wait on Him.

He will embrace you.

3. Survivors never Quit by Glacia Robinson

You are not a victim. You are destined to win.

Feel the thorns and press on.

For those that are for you are more than those that are against you

Have a courageous day.


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