Free. . . . dom song. . . finally!

The caged bird can sintrapped bird2g

She is free

Free of the cords of unhappiness that wrapped her too tightly in fear and anguish and despair and misery and loneliness and pity and self recriminations and guilt and embarrassment for far too long

Five years

Lord, what a waste

But she thanks God for the lessonsgirl cage free

Thank Him for even the greying hairs at her temple

(She is stronger than she thought),

and thankful

for the angel fingers that opened the door

And gave the survivor her day dream

Wind beneath her wings

Heart’s song sad and wistful, but happy and fre

Separation from the net song, victory over evil medleys

Cage-free survivorfescaped bird

The hope of raveling net chords, exploding cage.

No longer bound

Watch her rise now,

sky bound.

Copyright. Karen Taylor 2015. All rights reserved. (Images are owner copyrighted)


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