Mr DJ, don’t stop playing the music


Mr Dj, don’t stop that music

whatever you do

Keep the song on the turntable playing

Cause I’m in hiding

from the Blues

Man singing in the jukebox

Let me lean on your croons for just a little while

my heart is breaking

And I feel just vile

Lady in the Youtube playlist

Sorry, I have to rewind you

I need to drown out these sad heartbreak songs

And be free from my mind


Crooner behind my eyelids

Let me sleep

Won’t you stop playing these haunting songs?

Turntables in my mind keep crying :

“That’s a foul, that’s a foul, he did you quite a foul”

Why do you keep spinning out the tune that’s cracking my soul


Still, Mr DJ,  the music must play on

Cause this discarded girl wants to keep on

hiding from the Blues.


Copyright by Karen Taylor, 2016-2017